Dear Gossips, 

Lizzo has responded to the allegations against her. In a lengthy Instagram post this morning, Lizzo pushed back against what she calls an attack on her character. 


There’s not too much detail here about the specific accusations but since there’s a lawsuit on the table, she was likely advised by her legal team that she was limited in what exactly she could say. And they probably vetted this statement very closely so that none of it can be used against her when/if the case goes to court. 


That said, the general spirit of her message seems to be that what’s been reported about her from the lawsuit is all lies and that not only is she not guilty of what she’s been accused of, the people saying these things are all liars with an ax to grind. 

It’s not just the people involved in the formal complaint though. As mentioned yesterday, documentary filmmaker Sophia Nahlia Allison shared her experience of working with Lizzo shortly after news of the lawsuit broke in support of the accusers. Sophia is now doubling down on her position. 


So what’s the truth? I wonder if the whole truth will ever really come out. There’s a possibility that the lawsuit could end up in a settlement that includes all kinds of confidentiality agreements. And if that’s really how it gets wrapped up, then it’ll just come down to …well remember that one time when people talked all that sh-t about Lizzo because cancel culture etc etc etc? 

What we’re more certain about, however, is that Miss Tina has come out and denied that Beyoncé was shading Lizzo. 

For Lizzo, that’s a win. 

Yours in gossip,