I can usually get down with a baggy dress but Lizzy Caplan’s dress at the Fatal Attraction premiere isn’t just baggy, it’s badly tailored. I don’t know what happened here – whether they ran out of time and couldn’t make adjustments or they ran out of time and couldn’t find a replacement…? Because it doesn’t fit, not in the chest area or around the hips and you can see, even the hem looks unfinished. Also that material exposes everything. (Go Fug Yourself) 


More tabloid shenanigans involving the British royal family, suggesting that… I mean… there are deals being made behind the scenes, right? Prince Harry is suing the Sun and it’s since emerged that the Sun, a couple of years ago, settled a case with Prince William for a large sum of money and that was only made public now because of this new case. And yet, senior members of the family continue to play nice with these people who did them dirty. WHY? (Cele|bitchy)

Are Ashanti and Nelly back together? If you care about this, you’re of a certain generation. And I’m right there with you. We recently interviewed Nelly on The Social. First of all, the audience members who came that day, I mean their enthusiasm… it was like we were back in 2003 all over again. But also? Nelly is still sexy. He was also sexy to me because his music videos are so hilarious. But in person? That vibe is legit. (Dlisted) 

According to the Russo Brothers, AI movies might be a good thing. My question is – if they start releasing AI movies, will we be told that they are AI movies? (Pajiba) 

Elon Musk’s blue check mess is… getting messier, no surprise. Because when has he ever demonstrated he knows what he’s doing where Twitter is concerned? (Vox)