It was Summer 2009, the MuchMusic Video Awards, the Jonas Brothers were hosting. My experience was that they were pleasant to work with, not a lot of drama, especially in comparison to some other celebrity hosts, and the thing that stands out in my memory has less to do with them than with those of us who were still smoking back then. Because the Jonas clean-cut image was so tightly guarded we had to move the smoking area so as to ensure that they wouldn’t be anywhere near it. The point is – those were the days of purity rings and protected virginity. It was the last days of purity rings and protected virginity. Because everything changed after that. 


And now here we are, 14 years later, as the Jonas Brothers receive their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, all of them married, all of them parents, with their wives and some of their children in attendance. Where did the time go? Actually, in this case, I’m not saying that because it feels like it was quick. In this case the time went to gossip. So much gossip!

Nick dated Delta Goodrem, who was eight years older, before his relationship with Olivia Culpo and here’s some Gossip Nostalgia… Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson!?! It lasted a minute which is why most people probably forgot but that only makes the remembering that much more fun. 


As for Joe, well, before Sophie Turner there was of course Taylor Swift, and Camilla Belle (who Taylor apparently targeted in her songs after she and Joe broke up), then Demi Lovato, then Ashley Greene, and the relationship he was in before Sophie was… 

Gigi Hadid!

Which wasn’t even that long ago. But I almost forgot about that one too even though it was big news back then, we talked about them a lot. Maybe it’s because even in the moment it didn’t seem likely, you know? Reflecting on it now it’s obvious that it wasn’t likely. But the gossip around that time was pretty intense. 

Because Taylor and Joe buried their beef and Taylor and Gigi became close and then this happened: 


Now nobody is friends with Karlie Kloss and nobody talks about Calvin Harris. And Joe went on to marry Sansa Stark which… who would have ever, ever called that in 2015?!

Anyway, here are all the Jonases and their partners yesterday which was also the debut of Malti Marie.