Dear Gossips,

It’s almost the end of the year…and we still don’t know who’s hosting the Oscars, which is happening in less than two months. Could be because it’s slow right now, and the Academy is holding back on the announcement until next week, when everyone is back at work. When they can maximise the coverage and start building momentum for the Oscars, to move away from the negative press about the hosting debacle since Kevin Hart quit. Assuming, of course, that they actually do have someone in place and it doesn’t leak between now and Wednesday. 

Today is our final posting day of 2018 and to sum up…well… I don’t have anything coherent to say. That’s probably fitting. Everything is a mishmash of thoughts. Like this one: looking back on the year, would you have remembered, off the top of your head, that in 2018 we got a Han Solo origin movie? I totally forgot about the Han Solo movie until last night, when I was thinking about Star Wars: Episode IX, due out next December, and how there’s been a Star Wars movie once a year since The Force Awakens, except for this year and then I was like, was there one this year? And it took me a few minutes because Solo: A Star Wars Story was supposed to be a story and ended up being…pretty forgettable, right? 

Also, yesterday in this space I wrote about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s wedding and asked if you would have predicted that Miley would be the one who married first ahead of Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez, and Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry, etc. And then some of you reminded me that Katy actually WAS first because she married Russell Brand. I TOTALLY FORGOT. It just doesn’t come up anymore, does it? 

Next – and unrelated (told you it was a mishmash) – I noticed something about Bradley Cooper the other day because Silver Linings Playbook was on. (This is now a Christmas movie, by the way.) At the end of the film, after Bradley’s character “Pat” finally declares his love for Jennifer Lawrence’s “Tiffany”, they’re all gathered at his parents’ house on a Sunday. And in the last scene, she goes over to him and sits on his lap and they start kissing. He then reaches his hand down her leg and wraps it around her ankle. 

It’s the same move he makes in A Star is Born, right? When Jackson and Ally ride to Arizona? She’s seated behind him on the bike, and he reaches back and runs his hand down her red leather boot from knee to ankle. If I recall, that scene made a lot of people swoon. Can you connect it to Silver Linings Playbook

And finally, let’s land on a “best”. One of the very, very, very Best of 2018 moments, maybe even the Best of 2018 period: Beyoncé at Coachella. Beychella. I was stupid. I did not save an HQ download of that performance so I can’t rewatch the full show and I’m not disrespecting all the work that went into that production and watching it off someone’s iPhone on YouTube. At some point though, she has to release it, right? Those arrangements need to be revisited. That choreography needs to be relived. I need to be able to reference it at all times for inspiration. Maybe this is what we have to look forward to in 2019, though there is other and more Beyoncé that is confirmed for 2019. Like The Lion King. I can’t wait for that press tour. 

Until 2019 then… 

We’ll be dark on Monday and Tuesday, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Regular gossip schedule will resume on Wednesday, January 2. Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year. May there be much more kindness in 2019. May you be safe and loved. May you be cared for and may you care for others. May there be Good Gossip for all. 

Have a great weekend! Happy New Year!

Yours in gossip,