Dear Gossips,

A rambling train of thought that I’ve yet to make sense of: 

Last night when the news broke about Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, for some reason my first thought was Chris Pratt. Channing and Chris are basically the same age. Their kids are around the same age. They have a similar disposition – neither one has a reputation for being an asshole, in fact both are known to be really, really nice people. In Hollywood they’re both on a similar fame level: pretty f-cking famous and they seem to hit the same demographic, although Channing may have a wider appeal, the base between them feels similar. And now they’re both single. 

Then I remembered… 10 Years. Have you seen 10 Years? I saw 10 Years when it came out because I was pretty into Oscar Isaac. Because, ahem, I SAW HIM FIRST. (If you have a thing for Oscar Isaac and you haven’t seen 10 Years, this movie will not help you. In fact, it may send your Oscar Isaac thing into mega overdrive.) Channing produced 10 Years. He and Chris were both in it. Jenna was in it too, she plays Channing’s girlfriend. And now, I wonder, if I were to watch it again, would I experience it differently? That cast alone, I mean it was pretty stacked. 

10 Years was released in 2012 but shot in 2011. So we’re three years away from what will mark another 10 years. I’m kind of scared to know what that’s going to look like. 

More on Channing and Jenna later this morning. 

Yours in gossip,