Have you missed Downton Abbey? I kind of have. I feel like part of our current nightmare dystopia is that we don’t have a weekly genteel break anymore, in which even the most serious problems are resolved with a whisper-fight in the study. But we will not be without new Downton Abbey forever, as there is a movie coming in September, because nothing truly ends anymore (even though the ending to Downton Abbey was Very Satisfying). We got a teaser trailer last year, and now there is a set of character posters showing off everyone’s jaw line, so there must be a full trailer coming soon. 

I already know I’m not really getting what I want from this Downton movie. The series ended perfectly, so the only continuation I’m really interested in is a circa World War II story with now-grown Sybil Branson and George Crawley. I don’t really need to revisit Lady Mary until she is aged into a proper dragon a la the Dowager Countess, and Lady Edith, Marchioness Hexham, has become the leader of the Country Set (oh my god Edith is a PROTO TURNIP TOFF). But the movie we’re getting is bringing back most of the surviving TV stars, and you can tell from the clothes on the posters that we’re still firmly in the Jazz Age. 

The series really did end so well, I’m not sure what we need to see from a movie. Maybe it will be about the search for the Gutenberg Bible that Lord Grantham LOST. If they could just find that damn book, many of the Crawley problems would be solved. Oh money troubles again? Let me just sell that PRICELESS BOOK I have laying around somewhere. I could totally get into a Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew style mystery in which young Sybil and George search for the book that will save their family from whatever disaster has lately befallen it. That’s probably not the movie we’re getting, either. Assuming there is a trailer coming soon—there usually is, when posters and key art starts getting released—what do you hope to see? What do you want the Downton Abbey movie to be?