Taylor Swift skipped #Taymerica. And Taylor Swift is still making headlines, even when people are actively trying to avoid making headlines about her. Which is what Lorde is doing here. Last time Lorde talked about Taylor she stepped in it. So now she’s distancing herself from Taylor and this is the result. I’m not sure that what Lorde is saying here is that she and Taylor aren’t friends. Or that she doesn’t want to be. I think what she’s saying is that you can’t be friends with Taylor without all kinds of accompanying drama, be it from the inside or the outside. It’s that way with her lovers too. Taylor has said in the past that anyone who dates her has to be put up with a lot of noise. She might start saying that it’s now the same for anyone who’s friends with her. (Dlisted)

Have you seen Angela Merkel’s eyeroll at Vladimir Putin today? In addition to the eyroll, she gave us a lot more to meme today. So now we’re reading politics like we do red carpets and award shows and analysing side-eyes, headshakes, pursed lips, and double face palms. And proper news outlets are doing the same. Gossip training being put to use. (Pajiba) 

Prince Harry, once again, being awesome with kids. If this is how we feel seeing him with kids he barely knows, can you imagine what it might be like if he has kids of his own? That makes me wonder if they’re deliberate about not letting us see a lot of Harry with Big G and Charlotte. We don’t, do we? Why is that, do you think? (Just Jared) 

Brie Larson in Valentino. More specifically, Brie Larson looks AMAZING in Valentino. And I don’t think I’ve ever used “amazing” to describe Brie Larson in anything. Especially when she’s at the Oscars. But if this is what we can expect from Brie Larson + Valentino? Great. Give us more. But let’s do something different with the hair? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Have you watched this video about all of James Franco’s accents? And why he started acting? It was because he was competitive. Have you noticed how many edits there are? Quick cuts? I don’t understand why and now I’m wondering what it was about what he was describing that necessitated so much clipping. (Cele|bitchy) 

Dear Women: not sure if you knew this so if not, please be advised. It’s 2017. And in 2017, professional women working in Washington in the summer may not show their shoulders. A sleeveless shift dress is “inappropriate”. Even though it’s hot as f-ck in many parts of America, shoulders are scandalous and disrespectful. Under his eye. Praise be. Blessed be the fruit. (Jezebel)