It really does look here like Lorde is using her hair as a neckpiece which… it’s an interesting styling move, for sure. And if this was editorial, it’d be one thing but in person at an event, I imagine it would be so uncomfortable. Because of how movement would affect the look. And also… it would be hot, wouldn’t it be so hot to be wrapped in your own hair? (Go Fug Yourself) 


This made me LOLOLOLOL. Before the Adele One Night Only special, I wrote about getting to revisit that classic Oprah Winfrey moment from her talk show, when she’d have musicians on and sang along from the audience. And that happened during Adele’s show … only Oprah clearly doesn’t know all the lyrics to “Hello”. And since she posted this clip, clearly she doesn’t give a sh-t. She was having a time. (Dlisted) 

Pete Davidson spent his birthday with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner so I guess it’s really serious now. Kris is never bad for someone’s career. But that was on Tuesday. Is he not on SNL this weekend? It’s a new episode. (Cele|bitchy) 

Jimmy Kimmel’s attempt at being one of the villains in the new Spider-Man just made me think about John Travolta – doesn’t he look like John Travolta? It’s that wig. (Pajiba) 

Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” has had a week! But before Taylor, there was Alanis, and before “All Too Well”, there was “You Oughta Know”, and Rob Harvilla traces the connection. I LOVE this essay, a celebration of the “f-ck you” anthem. (The Ringer)