When we lived in Vancouver, we used to walk our dogs in the trails and often there would be horses. Most of the trails are off-leash so we’d let our dogs roam. Nothing freaks our dogs out more than horses. Barney took off after seeing a horse once and it took him 10 minutes to come back and find my scent, but only after I hit up a trail where the horses hadn’t been. Later, when he was less unpredictable, the horses were still a problem because, yes, the riders don’t pick up the horse sh-t. Even though dog owners are expected to pick up their dogs’ sh-t. And a lot of dogs eat the horse sh-t, which makes it even worse. Horse sh-t does not smell nearly as bad as dog sh-t though. (Dlisted) 

What did you think of Lorde’s performance last night? Rich Juzwiak didn’t care for it. I actually didn’t mind. Because what I forgot to mention in my post about Taylor Swift’s video is that, my GOD, she cannot dance. But she’s trying choreography now. And, well, I much prefer Lorde’s no-choreography choreography to whatever it was that Taylor was doing in her Formation imitation. (Jezebel)

This is what kills me about celebrities. When they go to events like the MTV VMAs or any event, really, they have access to FREE FOOD. Like really, really good free food. An assortment of really good free food. There’s cheese and shrimp and sliders and gourmet mac & cheese and cupcakes and …did I mention it’s free? So what do they walk away with? A f-cking banana. (Just Jared)

Katy Perry is slumping this summer. So is Prince Charles. Because of course it’s the summer of Diana 20. And everywhere he goes there’s another story in his face about how much she’s missed, how wonderful she was, how much we loved her, still love her. Oh right, and supposedly nobody wants him to be king. And that maybe Charles should be passed over for William. Ok, but, um, at this point? I feel like Charles is the only one who wants the job. (Cele|bitchy)

I love capes. I love the drama of cape. In all my revenge daydreams (because I hate people I come up with a new revenge daydream every day – about some asshole driver on the ride in to work this morning or the douchebag who tried to mansplain to me why I shouldn’t buy so much red meat at the grocery store, like GET OUT OF MY DIET, ASSHOLE) I’m wearing a cape. Sometimes this is not practical but it really adds a satisfying layer of theatricality to my fantasies. Jared Leto is trying to ruin capes for me. F-ck OFF, Jared Leto. (Go Fug Yourself)

What was your favourite Leslie Jones GoT tweet last night? I think I probably lost it when she tweeted about Bronn being from Compton. So, yeah. In addition to having to wait maybe 18 months to find out if we’re getting a dragonwolf baby, that’s also how long it’ll be before we get to live through the episodes with Leslise Jones. Work faster, motherf-ckers! (Entertainment Weekly)