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It’s New York Fashion Week and the Michael Kors show is always a celebrity favourite. Lori Harvey was in the front row yesterday and also had a moment with Michael backstage. She wore the sh-t out of this white suit. Seriously, look at her. No notes!

Lori Harvey attends the Michael Kors Collection Fall/Winter 2022 Runway Show at Terminal 5 on February 15, 2022 in New York City

Lori also wore white earlier in the week for Valentine’s Day which she spent, of course, with Michael B Jordan. Last year for their first Valentine’s Day, he took her to an aquarium and showered her with jewellery and roses and also Hermès stock. This year it seemed more low-key, and she didn’t seem to mind. This is what she shared on Instagram: 


And this is what she did for him on her turn to come through with the big gesture: 

Michael B. Jordan's Instagram story
Michael B. Jordan's Instagram story

I’m not a gamer but even I know this is pretty f-cking rad.


MBJ has been quiet this year, working on Creed 3, his feature directorial debut, in Atlanta. The film comes out at American Thanksgiving and it was always a highly anticipated release given the success of the previous two movies and MBJ’s star power and the fact that he’s directing but now that they’ve confirmed that Jonathan Majors is playing Adonis’s antagonist… well… expectations are even higher. 

What I like most about this casting decision is that it says a lot about MBJ’s vision and ego. You don’t bring in Jonathan Majors if you’re telling a derivative story about heroes and villains. Jonathan is always going to bring more – more nuance, more layers, more everything. He is mega-talented. He is a scene-stealer. For MBJ, then, directing himself in the title role, he’s not serving his own vanity here, or at least not through the story. Not if he’s getting in the ring and in front of the camera with Jonathan Majors. But he'll end up looking great if he can direct Jonathan Majors in a film that goes beyond the Rocky formula that includes a solid narrative arc not just for the main character but also for his opponent. 

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