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This does not surprise me, not at all. I could have told you that you can’t f-ck with Louis and RuPaul because if you try it, they will f-ck you up. Which is what they did to an attempted rapist. You know why? Little dogs are BADASSES. You might think that the Dobermans and the Rottweilers bring the heat but, in my experience, most of the time anyway, big dogs, when their owners aren’t assholes, are loveable goofs. It’s the small ones who have the attitude. My dogs are mid-sized, beagles. They would have been useless at defending me. (Dlisted) 

Heidi Klum and Ed Sheeran got married. Not to each other, but their marriages were both secret. This is not the hook of this article. The hook here is speculating about other secret “marriages” and the Jennifer Aniston one and the Keanu Reeves one are perfect and OMG IMAGINE IF JENNIFER ANISTON AND KEANU REEVES HOOKED UP? My idea! I’m claiming this idea! (Pajiba) 

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, and Lauren Sanchez were at Wimbledon too. They are free now to canoodle at public events. (Cele|bitchy) 

The FUG Girls can’t decide if they like this dress on Olivia Culpo. I like parts of it – the part that’s below the waist. Like the skirt that’s folding all over and into itself, almost as though it’s a series of napkins stitched together. It’s an interesting shape. I think I’d be more into the overall look if the top wasn’t trying to be sexy, as if to compensate for the imagination of the skirt. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Donald Glover says being on a song with Beyoncé was the “best” and “breathtaking”. As for Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner? They do not want to say that they “stole” the movie from Beyoncé, LOL. This is not their claim. Please, BeyHive, please know that those words did not come out their mouths. (etalk/The Loop) 


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