Emma Stone was in Paris yesterday at Fondation Louis Vuitton for the presentation of the LVMH Prize to an emerging designer, clearly a major priority for conglomerate as even Karl Lagerfeld, presumably repping Fendi, was there too. This photo of Emma, Nicolas Ghesquiere, and Karl kills me. Look at the expression on her face. What f-cked up offensive sh-t did Karl just say when this picture was taken? 


Emma, of course, was in attendance because she’s in her first year of her ambassadorship with Louis Vuitton. Jaden Smith was also present. As you know, Justin Theroux also has a partnership with LV. And he was just at the LV Cruise Collection presentation, with Emma and Sienna Miller and others, a couple of weeks ago. As you know, he and Emma then spent a few days in the South of France together afterwards leading to speculation that there is indeed something happening between them, even though her best friend Sugar Lyn showed up

So where’s Justin? Why wasn’t he there? Is it because he and Emma are such a heatscore right now? Or is it because LV was like, nah, we don’t need you for this, we prefer Jaden. Which is facts. 

Also facts: this outfit is my whole sh-t right now and had I not had other things to say about Emma it would have been the Outfit of the Week. LOVE the cut of the pants. Love that little side bow. Those garter-suspenders are giving me life. And I’ve just spent 15 minutes zooming every angle to figure out whether or not this is a jumpsuit. If it’s not a jumpsuit, it makes the design even better. Because that top fits like a jacket and a shirt at the same time. Why? It’s TUCKED IN. Tucked in perfectly flat, without any tuck lines under the waistband. Unless it’s a bodysuit? A bodysuit that fits like a jacket? That might be even better.