Emma Stone, Sophie Turner, Alicia Vikander – all of these Louis Vuitton ambassadors have been mentioned on the site today. There’s also Michelle Williams who, today, to me, is repping the label the best with her outfit. And I concede that I’m only saying this because her outfit is the one that aligns best with my personal style. I would 100% wear this F-CKING GORGEOUS off-white leather beltless trench coat with that black trim detail at the cuff. I can’t entirely see what the white dress underneath looks like but I guarantee, since it’s not tight, that it’s my jam. And I’m totally into how the accessories don’t entirely match with the rest of it but they work enough to make the whole thing sing – like the blinding white patent leather booties and the box clutch in the LV signature print. 

This is such a classic look. It would work 50 years ago. It works today. It’ll work 50 years from now. And it requires almost zero effort. No pinching or pulling when you stand or sit. No gymnastics to pull it over your head. And no angle management either. It shoots great from every angle. She could step into an editorial right now, without much tweaking and it would be good enough to go on a billboard.