I so mad for Sasha that she wasn’t picked as a juror. Like she didn’t even get to go into the box to answer the questions. I mean, if you were auditioning, wouldn’t you want to see all the candidates!? She wanted to do her duty for her country. I guarantee you she was one of the few who wanted to be there. Anyway, here’s the new episode of Sasha Answers.

Yesterday in this space I posted about Chrissy Teigen’s bulldog puppy. Bulldog puppies are the cutest of all puppies and, generally, bulldogs are f-cking awesome, I love them so much. The reason I became a dog person is because I used to nanny my friend Julie’s bulldog, Nelson. He was THE BEST. Here’s a bulldog who looks a lot like Nelson. And I agree with Michael K. This bulldog is not worried about Leonardo DiCaprio. It is OFFENDED by Leonardo DiCaprio. And that boring as f-ck struggle ass movie The Revenant. Remember when Tom Hardy busted Alejandro G Inarritu’s face during filming of The Revenant because he was such a dick to the crew? Will we be hearing more stories about that? (Dlisted) 

When is the last time you watched Lost In Translation? And how do you feel about it? Are there films or shows you loved then…but not now? You know what comes to mind for me? Garden State. And Friends. I just watched an episode of Friends this week when I was sick. It wasn’t as funny as I remembered. But I also didn’t hate it. But also? Is that fair? (Pajiba) 

Look at this picture of Serena Williams’s baby! This girl is reaching for it, and taking it, already. And remember, Baby Alexis has already won a grand slam. (BET) 

There definitely was a pirate theme happening at Louis Vuitton. You know who didn’t get the pirate outfits though? Michelle Williams and Ruth Negga. Ruth and LV bring back good memories for me. You remember Ruth’s Golden Globe’s dress? The metallic one? That was custom LV by Nicolas Ghesquiere. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I think I want this to happen. And I don’t usually give a sh-t about celebrities having babies. But if Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had a baby…what would be the baby’s name?!? Her sons are called Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. Would Blake Shelton be down with an offbeat name!? Or would their kid be named, like, Michael? (Cele|bitchy) 

Stephen Colbert takes issue with Ivanka Trump’s relationship to words. Specifically, that she seems to be redefining them. But it’s really not just her. I feel like people misuse words all the time. I think I misuse words all the time. In 20 years, will gossip even mean gossip anymore? (Mashable)