Loooooove what Yvonne Orji wore to the MTV Movie and TV Awards. This dress was designed by Mimi Plange and it’s perfect for this event – fun and fresh and whimsical and it really comes alive when she moves, with all those tassels swinging around, revealing pops of green underneath. And you can tell how delighted she is too. She had the best time wearing it and that’s also why this is such a great look. (Go Fug Yourself)  


Duana was having a laugh over this article the other day. Calling all millennials – which category do you fall under? And if you were born in the early end of the millennial era, how do you feel about being called a “geriatric millennial”? (Dlisted)  

What’s the most random fact that you know? I feel like the only random sh-t I know is about celebrities and that’s random because people think celebrity knowledge isn’t all that important anyway. So I enjoyed reading this article to learn about other random sh-t, like sharks are older than the rings of Saturn. Now I have to google this. (Pajiba)  

Angelina Jolie is doing interviews for Those Who Wish Me Dead – which Sarah reviewed earlier today. As Sarah said, it’s great to see her back in action star mode. In her personal life, her one mode is parent – although she says her kids are in a good place. As for romance? “Picky” is how she described herself. Not unlike what Charlize Theron has said about her love life. And now my brain just went to Salt + Atomic Blonde. (Cele|bitchy)  

I love Cheetos so much I’ve put Cheeto dust on just about everything from fried rice to cabbage rolls to congee. So of course I was into the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos story. And it turns out there’s a story behind the story…behind the story? Controversy already. Which, well, might actually work for this story. Speaking of, I haven’t had a Cheeto in ten days, what is wrong with me. (Variety)