Luca Guadagnino continues to not make that Call Me By Your Name sequel as he is in talks to direct an adaptation of Lord of the Flies. This is not the gender-bent version previously announced, but a more traditional take on William Golding’s book. GOOD. A female-led version is both stupid and deeply misguided. It’s not clear if Guadagnino’s version is supplanting the all-girl Flies, but reading between the lines, it sort of seems that way. Warner Brothers is looking to remake Lord of the Flies, everyone hated the idea of a female-led version, so now they’re just going to do a straight adaptation with Luca Guadagnino. It tracks.

It also makes sense because Lord of the Flies is expressly about toxic masculinity so it SHOULD be made with a group of boys. The question is, what will the ratio of It kids to Stranger Things kids be? There are only three types of boys acting right now: It kids, Stranger Things kids, and Jacob Tremblay. I assume a 100% ratio of Jacob Tremblay will be in this, and a 10% ratio of both It and Stranger Things will be represented by Finn Wolfhard, who stars in both. But will the scales tip more It or more Stranger Things? I lean toward It because it’s rated R and thus more “serious” than Stranger Things. Also, what are the odds Guadagnino finds the next Timothee Chalamet while casting this movie?