I feel better already watching this video of Lucky, who clearly has no f-cking interest in being a YouTube star, demonstrating why she’s a YouTube star - by not cooperating. Or, maybe, reliably cooperating. We have two dogs. Even though I’ve seen this multiple times, I still crack up when Lucky gets going. The therapy is in the laughter! (Dlisted) 

North West performed at Kanye West’s fashion show in Paris last night. She’s adorable. And, well, she’s clearly going to follow in the family business. While the Roys can’t figure out their Succession plan, the Kardashians have an abundance of talent in the pipeline. They’re actually their own fame ecosystem. (Cele|bitchy) 

The new Givenchy collection is exactly how the Fug Girls are describing it: clothing for soap opera characters who’ve come back from the dead. I love the drama. I love that they evoke an entrance - a vengeful bitch sweeping into a room, delighting in everyone else’s shock, elegantly picking up a cocktail glass that appears out of nowhere, and living for her moment. I would love to dress like this...but I don’t have that sense of theatre. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Woody Allen is publishing a memoir. Which is interesting because it’s his account of his life from what he remembers. Even though, you know, when other people remember things that he did to them, we’re supposed to discount those memories - and yet take his as he tells them? (Pajiba)

As Sarah wrote yesterday, Netflix is creating its own comedy empire. Netflix has also dominated the true crime genre. And it’s great on rom-coms. As well as cheer squads. And the current biggest show on television, Love Is Blind, is also a Netflix property. I’m obsessed with its library of Asian dramas. But did you also know that Netflix is coming for gardening? (The Ringer)