Lucy Liu is currently on the Shazam! Fury of the Gods press tour with Zachary Levi. She plays Kalypso and, well, yeah. Lucy Liu in a superhero movie? I’m surprised it took this long. But at the same time I’m not surprised. Lucy Liu has been underrated for a long time. That said, she has several projects coming out this year, including Red One with The Rock and Chris Evans, and that’s on top of her work as a director. She directed an episode of the highly anticipated series American Born Chinese, starring Michelle Yeoh, scheduled to premiere next week at SXSW and also off-screen, did you know she’s a painter? Her canvases, a series called Lucy Liu: what was, are currently on exhibition at New York Studio School. These are deeply personal pieces inspired by her mother, who immigrated to the US when she was 18, and her own family experiences growing up in NYC as Lucy navigated her cultural past and her individual present and finding a place for herself in all the spaces in between. 


And then, on top of all that, she’s raising a child. Rockwell is now almost eight years old. 


Right now, though, at least professionally, it’s all about Shazam! Fury of the Gods. And on this press tour, Lucy’s been serving look after look. Last night at the premiere in London, she was a golden goddess in Del Core with her hair in what I call a martial arts style pony. 


Earlier this week in Milan it was Carolina Herrera – a showstopper: 

And there’s also this black Fendi dress, probably my favourite. Because I LOVE that belt detail and the sleeves:


Every outfit is excellent though, from shorts…

To stripes…


And even a crop top:

Lucy’s fashion week has been all win.