I’m sorry, I hate to say it. Because of course this is Lupita. And we wait for Lupita, always. But this time, it wasn’t worth it – at least not the dress. She made up for it in another way though and we’ll get to that in a minute. Right now, we need to talk about this Prada. It’s coral, which is a great colour on her, but at this event, with this theme, if you’re going with coral and floral, it can’t be pretty. I can’t be a top made of flowers without an edge. There is no edge here. There is no resistance. And at CDG, there’s always an undercurrent of resistance. Last fall, Lupita Instagrammed a video of herself rapping in the car, showing us her alter-ego, “Troublemaker”. That Lupita is also “Troublemaker” is exactly what Rei Kawakubo is all about. The problem is that there’s no “Troublemaker” in this look. Only feathers. When feathers happen without a troublemaker, it’s really just Marchesa.


All’s not lost. Kathleen wrote about Black Twitter’s Lupita-Rihanna fantasy the other day. Issa Rae jumped in on that too. And here’s what Issa gave us last night:


Just ... *kisses fingers to lips*

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