As Joanna just posted in her article about Emily Blunt previous to this one, there’s been a lot of Oscar campaigning happening in New York this week. Bradley Cooper’s screening A Star is Born for voters during nomination week and last night Lupita Nyong’o and Michael B Jordan were supporting Black Panther’s Oscar hopes too. As noted, Black Panther is not a Best Picture nominee guarantee. I mean, it looks good so far. But remember, it’s never happened before, a superhero movie has never been nominated for Best Picture Oscar. Which means it’s history. That’s what they’re aiming for. Or, perhaps more appropriately, that’s what they’re up against. 

So what’s the strategy here? Well, Lupita’s an Oscar winner. With the Academy it’s always a bonus to have an Oscar winner fronting a candidate. MBJ too is Black Panther’s best hope (though a longshot) at an acting nomination for his performance as Killmonger, perhaps one of the most well-rounded, complicated villains we’ve ever seen. His final line in the movie is one for the ages. And from there, well, it’s their charisma, it’s their chemistry. And for that they’ve gone back to one their classic moves: competition. 

You remember during the Black Panther press tour when they were joking with each other over some kind of push-up-off? Now, apparently, it’s squats? This, apparently, started at the Golden Globes: 

You know what I love most about this video? Danai Gurira, in total Okoye mode, telling Lupita as IF she goes to the gym. RIGHT??!?

The squats thing is continuing on Twitter:

So far MBJ hasn’t responded yet. I would like to respond on his behalf and on behalf of the world. We would all like to see him squat. Get low. Get as low as he can go. It’s what we want AND need. At the Oscars, on a random Tuesday, every day for the rest of the year, really.