Lupita Nyong’o made her first appearance since going super public with her breakup feelings last week on Instagram. Her post was about heartbreak and reaching out to a community of others who are also heartbroken but also? Let’s not pretend it wasn’t about putting her ex on blast. As she writes at the top of that post, her purpose was to “publicly disassociate” herself from Selema Masekela and his “deception” which is about as far from amicable as it gets when a relationship ends. 


Lupita followed up with a thank you message on IG stories this weekend. 

Lupita Nyong'o's Instagram story

She’s probably responding to the thousands of messages of support she’s received and she added that: 

“…it feels comforting to have a little corner online for the romantically heartbroken to gather."

This is kinda refreshing, right? It’s like she’s started a Broken Hearts Club. And she’s continued to share on IG stories mantras and prayers that others have passed on to her, messages from those who are finding solidarity in her vulnerability as so many are processing their own romantic disappointments with her. There’s also a hashtag, #HeartbreakHealing, that she’s tagging with every post. This is collective mourning, in the most public way possible, and the leader of the movement happens to be a movie star, so it’s a fascinating chapter to her celebrity. Because Lupita, the Oscar winner, the acclaimed author, the renowned beauty, has just enhanced her brand by broadcasting the fact that she’s a loser in the game of love. 


Which is another reason why I don’t think anything is happening with her and Joshua Jackson or between her and anyone. Because this is not what you put out there when you’re trying to give “Thank You, Next” energy. 

She is clearly still deep in resentment about the breakup. She is trying to get to closure but she’s nowhere near it. 

But also, don’t get it twisted. Just because she’s heartbroken doesn’t mean she looks it. Here’s Lupita at the GO Gala this weekend letting him know how badly he fumbled. More than fumbled. This man committed a fumble and an interception; it’s an own goal; it’s a quadruple bogey; it’s a faceplant in his sport. This dude will forever be known as the dumbass who messed it up with Lupita Nyong’o.