Dear Gossips,

Last night was enraging – and we’ll get to that today for sure – but it was also kind of satisfying. Because much of the reaction to Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance that we saw online would not have happened over a decade ago which, you could say, is progress. Those of us who’ve been hating on him forever (if you’ve been reading this blog a while now you’ve seen how, at times, this has basically been my personal mission statement) have been waiting on others to come around. It was bound to happen. In that way, Justin Timberlake doesn’t disappoint. Eventually his preoccupation with himself and his Me First life philosophy would penetrate even the most patient among us. Not everybody hated what JT did last night. But not everybody loved it. And this, 10 years ago, would have been unfathomable – especially for him. 

But first, we have other priorities. In the spotlight today as we count down to Chinese New Year on February 16 is the Goat. If you missed last week’s kickoff to the Squawking Chicken’s annual Chinese zodiac advisories, please click here and here

Luck may not be flowing as smoothly for the Goat during the Year of the Dog as it has in previous years, leading to a period of unpredictability. There are 3 stars that can help you block bad luck but that doesn’t necessarily mean that things will come easy. So it’s not a year to be aggressive, especially since that Fire is so potent. Look after your liver, lungs, gall bladder, and your heart. Be careful who you trust, especially to do with your health. Be good to your body and mind what you eat and drink. 

1955 Metal Goat – the luckiest of all goats this year. Career should be solid. 

1967 Water Goat – be conservative in your business decisions. If you encounter work conflicts, move forward, do not add drama to the situation, and avoid risks as you proceed with your career plans. I’m thinking now about Leslie Jones who’s heading to the Olympics in South Korea. Slay, Leslie, slay. But with precision. 

1979 Fire Goat – there will be mentors to help you this year. Take this opportunity to advance your career with their support. 

1991 Earth Goat – your luck this year runs across your forehead. The tip from ma here is that if you have a “nice” forehead, you’re fine but if you don’t have a “nice” forehead, you should celebrate with a big birthday. The way I see it, since what constitutes a “nice” forehead is so subjective, all Goats born in this year should just celebrate a big birthday. 

2003 Wood Goat – Goats born this year who have a widow’s peak should also celebrate a big birthday. Since it’s sometimes hard to tell if you do or don’t have a widow’s peak (mine seems to come and go), celebrate your birthday if you have the means. 

All Goats are advised to avoid romantic confrontations this year. Protect your love instead of fighting and support your partners and your friends.  

There is a falling/tripping alert for Goats during the Year of the Dog. At the beginning of Lunar New Year, go see your doctor for a full checkup and bloodwork as a precaution. 

In April and May, Goats should be wary of the swindle. Petty assholes might try to trick you. Do not trust others to do your work – don’t hand off things that you can and should do yourself – because they will fail you. Spend more time at home, with family. 

In May and June, the Fire will be getting hotter. So mind your health and do not rush decisions. Fire can augment poor judgment. 

In June and July, when Fire is at full strength, you should be extra careful. If you find that small frustrations keep getting in your way, you might want to consider removing any display items (example: porcelain statues, busts, etc) from the west and north sides of your home. (Paintings and picture frames are fine. It’s sh-t like vases, something that stands on a shelf or on the floor.)   

In November and December, be on alert for sabotage, especially when it comes to signing documents and contracts. If not, this could result in legal problems. 

Between January 6 and February 3, 2019, mind your finances and accounts. 

Remember, when ma gives her readings, she’s not concerned with good luck. As she has always said, nobody needs to be prepared for good luck and those who want that are getting greedy anyway. Her focus then has always been to help those who may encounter roadblocks. The Year of the Dog, for Goats, in her words, will be “so-so”. So-so, in ma’s mind, is not bad at all. It is not bad to practise restraint. It is not bad to mind your impulses and to be thorough when considering all situations. Good luck rewards the conscientious. And there is good luck to be had for Goats this year. It’s just that your luck will not come from others, it will come from YOU. It is up to you to generate it. That can never be a bad thing. 

On deck for tomorrow: Horse.

Yours in gossip,