Macaulay Culkin was seen in LA last night at Craig’s which is where a lot of celebrities go out for dinner but Mac isn’t exactly like other celebrities who go out for dinner at Craig’s. Paps hang out almost every day at Craig’s and celebrities know that paps are always at Craig’s. And that’s not what Mac has ever been about. When he’s in LA he’s hardly part of the scene. I just posted in the previous article about Justin Bieber and child stars and burnout. Macaulay Culkin is just one in a long list. And for the last few years, many years, he’s avoided the spotlight, avoided situations and projects that would put him in the spotlight.

But Mac is working on a new movie. It’s Seth Green’s directorial debut, Changeland. And last night Mac and Seth were out for dinner, along with Seth’s wife Clare and Brenda Song, who’s also in the film, leading to some speculation that they might be dating. I’m not sure, at this point, given that they’re colleagues right now, and Seth was there too, that we can actually say they’re a couple. That said, if it was just the four of them at dinner, it could also possibly be a double date?

Whatever it is, Mac looks good, healthy, and hopefully… happy?