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In Touch Weekly has acquired the first rights to air a paparazzi interview with Maddox that took place on campus at Yonsei University in South Korea. Maddox is asked by the pap about his siblings, whether or not they’re excited that he’s in college now. Then …the Brad Pitt question comes up – whether or not Brad will visit him and Maddox’s response was basically, I don’t know about that, what happens, happens. Needless to say, there’s not much of a relationship here between Maddox and his father. And he doesn’t seem all that uncomfortable saying it either. Because he continues speaking to the pap about being in South Korea and learning to speak Korean and music and how he’s enjoying his time in university so it’s not like he appeared to be at any point under duress. You can watch the video here

Maddox, of course, is not unfamiliar with cameras, with being noticed. This is not his first encounter with the paparazzi. When Angelina Jolie dropped him off a couple of weeks ago, he was there when she was the centre of attention, clearly understanding of the fact that his mother would be a draw for his classmates. He didn’t seem bothered by that either. At 18, after all these years, Maddox knows that he doesn’t have to answer pap questions if he doesn’t want to. It’s not like the paps in LA and NYC aren’t asking questions when they’re photographing Angelina and the family out and about. Interesting then that he chose to respond. Interesting that he chose to respond, assuming he’d expect that this would somehow find its way out. 

Here’s Brad arriving in Tokyo today presumably to promote Ad Astra. He’s not too far away from Maddox now. Is South Korea on his itinerary or nah?  

Jun Sato/ Getty Images

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