Madonna is now focusing on the Celebration Tour and a week after making that announcement and being grateful for the all the ticket sales, it’s confirmed that she’s hit pause on her biopic. This is smart public relations – because that project sounded kind of messy, and let’s be honest, we were all kind of worried about how she would be directing a film about herself, and now she has something to point to that will take up all her energy. Which nobody is mad about. We want the tour more than the movie. (Dlisted) 


Well here’s a Giambattista Valli collection if I ever saw one. It’s big, it’s frouffy…and it’s a throwback to 80s prom. Which, in these times, is fashionable again. That second look? The strapless pink mullet dress with the huge sleeves? That’s what the popular mean girls in Pretty in Pink wore to prom, but updated for 2023. (Go Fug Yourself) 

For those of you asking about Prince Harry’s Spare – I’m still not finished reading it because I went on a trip and work has been bananas and also I got distracted by Bling Empire: New York, OMG, it’s so good. A lot of people I know listened to the audiobook; I’ve heard snippets of it and I like his read. Will Prince Harry be nominated for a Grammy for it? (Cele|bitchy) 

I’ve not yet watched last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live because I was in Vegas and being in Vegas has a way of cocooning you from whatever’s happening outside of it. I’m still catching up – so I totally missed this performance of “Gloria” by Sam Smith, a Gregorian choir, and …Sharon Stone?! Did this actually happen? (OMG Blog) 

I cannot wait to see Sheryl Lee Ralph perform at the Super Bowl! (The Root)