Madonna hasn’t always gotten it right the last few months, during the double pandemic of ‘rona and racism. But she showed up on crutches to the London protest in support of Black Lives Matter and there’s nothing wrong here. Which goes to show… when she’s around regular people, and not just insulated with yes people, good things will happen. (Dlisted)


I really wish I could skateboard. I mean I think I could, I haven’t tried, because I’m scared. Sometims I can be clumsy and I’ve twisted my ankles too many times. Anyway, seeing girls skateboard always turns me on. And skater style is SO good. So, yes, as per Roxana Hadadi’s recommendation, I will totally watch this show. (Pajiba) 

The ultimate act of resistance is love and joy. Despite the brutality, the abuse, the violence, the injustice, the inequality, the Black community continues to love defiantly – and to spotlight their love, to flaunt it and share it as an antidote and an expression of hope. (Cele|bitchy) 

Four years ago, Beyoncé accepted her award at the CFDAs and… I LOVE this look on her so much. It’s Givenchy and it was incredible on her. At the time, Lemonade had just come out, she was on the Formation tour, she was giving us all life day in and day out. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were at the LA Black Lives Matter protest and I’m just saying that his signs are pretty creatively worded. (JustJared)