Dear Gossips,

There were no tiaras at the Golden Globes on Sunday. Maybe they’re saving the tiaras for the Oscars. That said, I do want to make mention of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s long strand of pearl earrings. The emerald earrings on Zoe Kravitz were, of course, spectacular. But Maggie’s were my favourite. And her outfit – pants underneath a sparkly mini-dress – created a whole genie vibe I was really into. 


Next: the Critics’ Choice Awards on Thursday. Most of the major names we saw on Sunday at the Globes are also nominees for Critics’ Choice so will the blackout be extended? And, given the criticism that many of the male nominees and attendees received about not speaking up about Time’s Up, will more of them speak up? By then, will the noise around James Franco continue to grow? Will the noise around Gary Oldman continue to grow? Will the noise around all of those who’ve collaborated with Woody Allen keep growing? Will Aziz Ansari face any questions about Louis CK? What will Time’s Up do going forward to address so many complicated issues about harassment and privilege that still persist in Hollywood? To be clear, nobody here is rooting against Time’s Up. Time’s Up’s success can only yield progress. The work they’ve done so far has been solid. But the work probably now extends beyond a dress code, which was never intended as a final solution in the first place, obviously; and still, there are those who feel excluded from what happened on Sunday. Rose McGowan and Asia Argento and Rosanna Arquette and Annabella Sciorra and Daryl Hannah and Mira Sorvino, specifically. 

These women who came forward to tell their stories about Harvey Weinstein in The New York Times and The New Yorker are clearly torn about what they saw at the Globes and, no doubt, they deserve to be supported too. How can we be allies, and proceed with determination and positivity, while continuing to learn and to self-correct? This is not just a challenge for Time’s Up but for all of us – let me know your thoughts and suggestions.   

You know what random internet detail Duana noticed yesterday about the Critics’ Choice Awards? Somehow she ended up on the Big Little Lies Wiki page and look:

(Click to expand)


It says “pending” for Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Alexander Skarsgard, and Laura Dern. But Big Little Lies has already “won” the award for Best Limited Series. Just an error? Probably a typo? Or the inadvertent leak of a predetermined decision? 

We’ll have full coverage of the Critics’ Choice Awards on Friday. And the SAG Awards happen 10 days later. The BAFTA nominations were just announced this morning. Five directors, no women. And no Jordan Peele. Get Out was shut out in the Best Film category but Jordan was nominated for his screenplay and Daniel Kaluuya is among the Best Actor nominees. Wonder what all this portends for the Oscar nominations currently being deliberated. 

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