As the Fug Girls are saying, the main event of Yara Shahidi’s outfit here is the belt. The whole look was meant to showcase the belt…and I’m not mad at it. Because of the follow-through. As you can see, the top and skirt are neutral, meant to be supporting players. But the neutrals also apply to her face. Her makeup is done so as to look like she’s not wearing any – natural lip, glowing skin, a quiet eye. This is what I appreciate in a style decision: commitment. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Looking to add to your book list? Here’s what I’ll be doing over the next several months – expanding my reading to include Queer Adult Latin American Lit. (The Mary Sue) 

I’ve been to six concerts this year so far – mostly recently last Thursday when I saw Rina Sawayama (!!!) here in Toronto. She is amazing and if you get the chance, I would highly recommend, especially now before she starts playing arenas and stadiums. This is the time to see her. Anyway, people filming on their phones is standard operating procedure these days and a lot of people complain about it. I’m short, and I was in GA for Rina’s show which means that my view was blocked for some of the night. This doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers others but you know what does get up my ass? A quiet crowd. Toronto can be really f-cking lackadaisical sometimes, it’s such a bummer. (Pajiba) 


F-ck Elon Musk for so many reasons, including making me have to agree with Mark Zuckerberg who I also don’t f-ck with but he’s right that we need to move on from this stupid story about them headbutting each other. How about we focus more on both of their f-cksh-t and all the damage they’ve done collectively. (Cele|bitchy) 

When you go to the grocery store, be honest, and you use a shopping cart, do you return it to the front of the store or do you push it aside and drive away? The Cart Narc believes this is a test of character. I’m not sure I buy this – because I always return the cart, and I also do this at the airport. Not because I’m a good person, but because I know that anybody who sees me not returning it will think I’m not a good person. Which kinda makes me a fake person? (The Ringer)