Took me a minute to recognise Maisie Williams at the Met Gala the other night. I kept thinking she was model Lily Cole. They don’t look alike, I know, but there was something about Maisie’s makeup that called back in my mind some of the more high profile editorials that Lily Cole’s been in. Some of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. 


Anyway, Maisie’s look was designed by her boyfriend, Reuben Selby, and it was apparently inspired by The Matrix. Like I said, In America was a broad theme – you could basically take any Hollywood movie and it would have met the requirement. I really liked her whole vibe, mostly because she really sold it. The Costume Institute calls for performance, and she delivered. 

Now onto her pants…

Here’s Maisie at LAX and as you can see, she's in pants, one leg black, one leg white. I wish we had a front-on shot of her to see how it looks with the split, but I am very into this and have actually been looking for a pair and can’t quite find the right fit. For me I don’t want them to be skinny – because if they’re skinny, they end up looking like leggings. Black and white leggings is a whole other look, like a dance troupe look, or pantomime. And the whole appeal of this is that they should be street not stage. The fit on Maisie here is perfect. I just wish we could get a better idea of it from all sides.