At last year’s Emmys, Mandy Moore was my Worst Dressed. This year is an improvement. Her custom Rodarte still feels like something Kate Hudson would wear but I don’t hate it. She looks GREAT so there’s that. Last year, Mandy Moore was “snubbed” for a Best Actress nomination. This year was not an improvement in that department. I think Mandy’s work as Rebecca Pearson on This Is Us was way stronger this past season (I get choked up just thinking about the vending machine scene) but I still wouldn’t consider her lack of an acting nomination a snub. Best Actress in a Drama Series is a stacked category and This Is Us is not an Emmys darling...yet. If anyone was a safe bet to walk away with an award from the show, it was going to be Sterling K. Brown

Sterling, who I’m still mad at for how he handled the Olivia Munn/ Predator situation, did not win an Emmy for the third year in a row (his first one was for The People vs OJ Simpson). He lost to Matthew Rhys. No one is complaining about this. I don’t watch The Americans but Duana has yelled at me about it enough for me to know that Matthew Rhys deserved his Emmy. Matthew Rhys winning when his on and off-screen partner Keri Russell did not reminded me of when Milo Ventimiglia was nominated over Mandy Moore. This is where Duana yells at me that The Americans and This Is Us shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. My point is that while Matthew and Milo are great, their better halves are greater. And so, if Mandy is going to be left off the Emmy ballot, so should Milo. 

This Is Us was nominated for eight Emmys and won one – Ron Cephas Jones for Guest Actor in a Drama Series (yes William!). As much as I love This Is Us, I think that maybe this is all it deserved. No disrespect. It’s still the best show on network television but is that enough? I’d give it the award over this past season of Game of Thrones but that’s not saying much. Anyway, give Ron Cephas Jones all the awards for making me forget for 30 seconds that I was mad at Sterling K. Brown with this precious dad joke bit. 

As for the rest of the Pearson clan, they were all present and accounted for. Milo was out in the Emmy aisles being classic Jack Pearson… 

… while Mandy was friend collecting the Queer Eye Fab Five. 


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More on them later. Maybe Season 3 of This Is Us will be the season it finally sweeps the Emmys? Does this season look Emmy worthy? I just cried watching the below “First Look” which is mostly just the actors talking to camera so at least we know that I’m still irrationally emotionally invested. I am all the way in on Jack and Rebecca’s dating origin story and Beth reading Kevin for filth about sleeping with her cousin. Let’s pretend the Jack in Vietnam stuff just isn’t happening, OK?