Mandy Moore presented at the CFDAs last night. And I feel like we wouldn’t have expected it a year ago? Or we wouldn’t have known to expect it a year ago? This has been said many times on the site, and on the Show Your Work podcast, but it’s amazing that Mandy Moore is at the level now where she’s invited to the CFDAs and is asked to present. Like, sure, we’re not supposed to be ranking people on popularity but it’d be stupid to deny that in Hollywood there is a hierarchy. There’s a reason the expression “D List” is a thing. And while Mandy was never D list necessarily, she was, for a while, kinda in between B and C, with so many pilots that didn’t get picked up, a movie career that never got exciting… and then, This Is Us. Wait, no more Ryan Adams, that pretentious f-ck, and then This Is Us. Mandy Moore is now the star of one of the biggest television hits – if not THE biggest television hit – of the season. And all of it building towards the Emmy nominations, July 13. Given the popularity of This Is Us, it is expected to contend in several cateogries. Mandy’s not the favourite for a nomination for Best Actress in a Drama Series but she’s definitely on the long list. And if you’re Mandy Moore and you’re on a long list with names like Viola Davis, Elisabeth Moss, and Robin Wright, that’s kind of a win already.

Mandy wore Kate Spade last night, an all leopard print dress that, for me, is less interesting on its own and much more interesting when paired with the floral bomber. I also don’t love the hair choice, that rock’n’roll double side slick, I think it’s too on the nose. Topknot would have been better, I think?