Mandy Moore’s likability is a problem. I know “likeable” can be a loaded word for women but there is no better a way to describe Mandy Moore. People like her. She’s Rebecca Pearson, currently holding the title of America’s favourite TV mom. She just seems like a nice human. Duana has gone so far as to call Mandy “ridiculously likeable.”

I was right in that perfect age range when Mandy dropped Candy so I was one of many pre-teen girls who bought her album. Then I watched A Walk to Remember way too many times. Since then, Mandy Moore is like an old, cozy sweater I’ve had since high school that makes me feels safe and warm whenever I look at her. I’m sure it’s partially rooted in nostalgia but I can’t help but WANT to like Mandy Moore. And this is a problem because my need to like Mandy Moore has made me sit here trying to justify this monstrosity of a dress for way too long.

The dress is bad. It’s really bad. Lainey, Duana and I have been fighting over Zoe Kravitz since last night but we all agree on this. No matter how likeable Mandy is, this Carolina Herrera dress is hateable. First, it’s a BORING dress trying to front like it’s interesting. The bottom tiers are offensive. Why is the middle one white? On Twitter, I saw it compared to everything from an Oreo to Sia’s hair. The Sia’s hair comparison made me laugh out loud because YES.

Mandy Moore's Emmy Dress is Sia's Hair

A friend of a friend is getting married for the second time on Halloween. My friend said the bride will be wearing the same dress as the first wedding but this time, she’s dyeing most of it black. That sounds awful, right? This is the dress I think of when I hear that story.

It’s not just the heinous tulle skirt. The black bustier is also the worst and does nothing for Mandy’s jewelry, which is actually quite nice. Speaking of jewelry, Mandy Moore is engaged to musician Tyler Goldsmith. The dude who plays Toby on This is Us spilled the news to ET last week before Mandy could do it herself (Classic Toby amirite!?) She debuted the engagement ring publicly on Friday and she sent her This Is Us costars pics of the ring over text. Here’s something nice: I really LIKE the engagement ring!