Hollywood is high school which is why high school sh-t keeps happening in Hollywood. Like when a boy tells the whole school he took your virginity. Which is what happened to Mandy Moore not in high school but in Hollywood. And the boy was Wilmer Valderrama. Which means some dudes take a long ass time to grow out of that sh-t. Did that ever happen to you in high school? Because it happened to me. I actually did lose my virginity. With the guy who I had sex with and he told people about it and a different guy I did NOT have sex with who also told people about it. I still don’t understand the math on that. (Dlisted) 

Certain sucky baby Star Wars fans are still into their feelings about The Last Jedi and how the movie was a betrayal of their particular misogynist Star Wars values because a girl is the hero and because Rose Tico was boring, or something, and because Luke Skywalker died after blowing his load. (Spoiler? It’s been over half a year. You cannot be yelling about this anymore.) Other Star Wars fans, however, like Kayleigh Donaldson are still thinking about The Last Jedi, still appreciating it, and taking the time to celebrate Mark Hamill’s best performance as Luke. She’s right – that hand to the shoulder move is the perfect GIF, not just the gesture but also the facial expression. HE F-CKING NAILS the facial expression.  (Pajiba) 

As mentioned yesterday, I was happy to see Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup. Ovie is one of the greatest goal scorers in the game. Some people (my husband) think that there’s a good case to argue that he’s the best pure goal scorer in the history of the NHL when you factor in the skill level of the other players he’s competed against, the equipment of his era, and the numbers he’s been able to put up. It’s not safe to even suggest these ideas in Canada though because…well… we believe in Canada that we produced the best player(s). Let’s move away from this contentious topic then and revisit the moment Ovie finally held the Cup and something happened in the background. I didn’t notice this last night when I was watching. (TMZ) 
Anna Kendrick was at the George Clooney AFI tribute last night in a white dress that, nope, I can’t defend. I don’t mind the car wash skirt. The problem is all the buttons. Too many of those small buttons! Are they even necessary? Also, that one sleeve is too long and very unnecessary. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Here’s an even more contentious debate than who’s the best goal scorer in the NHL or who’s better, LeBron James or Michael Jordan? Those, by the way, are legitimate debates. Vaccinations should not be a debate. Kat Von D, however, is not vaccinating her child. (Cele|bitchy) 

Understanding celebrity and civilian gossip according to Instagram. Apparently a sure sign of an imminent split for both famous people and commoners? Selfies. More selfies. An increase in selfies means that a breakup is either near or it’s already happened. Now tell me if this is a true story in your real life. (Vanity Fair)