Emily! Happy Birthday! It’s great to hear that life has improved, a LOT, since you quit that person. And I’m super jealous that you’re in Hong Kong… because that’s where I’m hoping to be soon, and I wonder if we’ll be on the same itinerary because I’m planning an Asian tour, like you. So send me your recommendations. Wait. How did your birthday shout-out become about me, LOL. By request, here are some shots of Jungkook. We’ll start with the now legendary Lotte concert because… that HAIR. 


Next, how about some Bam to go with the JK? This dog is so cute, I can’t stand it. 

Here he is grooving to Ice Spice: 


And hitting the choreo hard on “Run BTS” which I watch at least once a week because I’m pathetic like that: 

These are the clips that must sustain us until 2025/26. Wishing you the best year ahead. Check back in 12 months!