Emily! Happy Birthday! And Happy 10th Anniversary of this tradition! As for your obsession, if you’ve been visiting this site regularly over the last three months, you know it’s my obsession too but, girl, maybe I’m way behind you because I don’t know that I could get through The Untamed SIX TIMES. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, and Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan are SO f-cking hot, even though I wanted them to get dirtier because I’m a perv like that. But there are 50 episodes! Whyyyyyyy are C-dramas so long!? Probably because the stars are so beautiful. My GOD these two are beautiful. 

By request, here they are in an interview I’m sure you’ve seen but I come back to it a lot because… their HAIR:


Also, did you see this? I think Will Smith is watching The Untamed (second slide): 


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And this tweet that picked up some action this week: 

Sh-t. Maybe I do have to watch it again. 

And then there’s Yang Yang. To be honest, I wasn’t all that into Love O2O. Again, Jesus, it was unnecessarily long. You know when he was the hottest to me though? Once Upon a Time. Terrible movie. But holy sh-t that love scene nearly ended me. Followed by the comedy of the blossoms opening right afterwards, like it wasn’t already VERY clear what they were doing, LOL. 


Let me know when you move to China and start a fan club!