As you may have seen, there are a lot of people who still aren’t social distancing. Here in Canada, one of the big news stories from the weekend is about how people in Vancouver, and particularly younger people in Vancouver, have still been out to the beach, clustered in groups. I understand – everyone is anxious, many are lonely, and there are serious downsides to being stuck indoors, without any contact, separated from your community network. Mental health is just as important as physical health. That said, there are major concerns about community transmission and what a surge in infections will mean for the healthcare system and healthcare workers and the effect a prolonged period of SD and isolation and quarantines will mean for our collective mental health. 

British Columbia physicians have put together a document with guidelines about social distancing – which is PHYSICAL distancing – and how we can all protect each other and our healthcare system. You can read their “urgent request to residents of British Columbia” here. And please see the graphic below. To all healthcare workers, no matter where you are, thanks for your hard work and sacrifice. No more playdates, and that means adults and children!