If you’re in Toronto, there’s an event happening tomorrow for a great cause. The St Joe’s Neighbourhood Throwdown is taking place Thursday, March 5 at the Junction Craft Brewery, 150 Symes Road, Toronto, at 7pm. This is a community fundraiser featuring three bands, each representing a local neighbourhood and hospital program: 

Transitional Aged Youth Mental Health Unit
The first hospital-based Transitional Aged Youth (16-24) Unit in the Greater Toronto Area. 

The Geoffrey H. Wood Centre of Excellence in Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment
This new centre will double St. Joseph’s Hospital screening capacity to 6000 annually with 2 mammography suites.

The Lake House
A new 8-10 private in-patient room palliative care area for patients either needing care in their final days or a private room for the day as part of their outpatient treatment and care.

There will be a silent auction, oyster shucking, ski passes available, a closet audit, and a sailing prize. 

If you’d like to purchase a ticket or make a donation, please click here. Tickets are going fast. Get yours now or make a donation.