Margot Robbie did not present at the SAGs since, apparently, the Academy is insisting on exclusivity for their show. But she was on hand as a nominee for Best Supporting Actress, and she showed up in a sunny golden Chanel dress that feels like a warmup for the main event at the Oscars. Lainey thinks this dress is looking ahead to her role as Sharon Tate in Quentin Tarantino’s not-Manson-but-totally-Manson movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Vanity Fair just previewed a bunch of images from the film, including Margot Robbie done up as Sharon Tate. 
I don’t really see the connection with this dress, beyond a general “California sun” vibe. Sharon Tate is best known for her mod look, but this dress is not particularly mod. I do like it, though. It’s a solid SAG dress. Like if she showed up to the Oscars in this, I would be underwhelmed. But as a warm up? Just to get us started? Sure. It’s a lot better than her 2018 dress, the one with the dead swan tied around her waist. This dress is good enough, though, that I am interested to see what the Oscar gown will be. Karl Lagerfeld responds differently to his muses. Like I don’t think he would ever dress Kristen Stewart the way he dresses Margot Robbie. (Although I would LOVE to see him dress Kristen Stewart for the Oscars.) Generally I think he leans into classic Hollywood glamor with Robbie, although last year’s Oscar dress wasn’t great, either (Christmas tinsel boobs). So already, a better showing at the SAGs in 2019. Let’s hope the Oscars follow suit and her gown is spectacular.