Margot Robbie was in New York last night at a Barbie screening and my first thought when I saw these shots was…are there still people who haven’t seen Barbie, LOL. This, obviously, is no longer about selling movie tickets, because Barbie is the blockbuster movie of 2023, but about the Oscar campaign. Barbie is a contender, helped in part by its box office. I mean, we all knew Barbie was going to be big, but I don’t think anyone thought it would be as huge as it ended up being. And now, for the cherry on top, it’s going for nominations. 


Which is why Margot is out here giving Barbie again, this time in a pink Versace, styled by Andrew Mukamal. 


The look is, of course, totally on point with the purpose. Every time we see Margot right now we are supposed to only think about the character, the doll, the film. But while Andrew deserves allllll the flowers for how he has produced Margot’s wardrobe during the Barbie summer run and now on the campaign trail, I can’t say I love the fit of this fit. I’m not saying it’s a fail, but I don’t love how the pockets are bunching up. This is a minor complaint and a really picky one. But given the standard that he and Margot have set now for months, all I mean is that this look isn’t among the best. 


Let’s talk about Margot and Tom Ackerley, though. They are married and they are business partners, cofounding LuckyChap Entertainment, which produced Barbie and several other movies, including Saltburn. This is a power couple, a young power couple making sh-t happen in front of and behind the cameras.

I want to know more about how this works. On the one hand, it must be fun, experiencing this together, seeing their professional dreams come true – and it’s much more rewarding when you’re sharing it with someone you love deeply, someone you’ve chosen to spend your life with. I can relate to this because my business partner is also my spouse. 


On the other hand, it’s a dance, and it’s not for everyone. Tom is not the “star” in this relationship. He has an important role, a critical role, and he’s no less significant than Margot is in the functioning of their company. But where egos are concerned, he also understands that he is not the draw, at least not on paper – and that there are times, many times, when he occupies a supporting role. This is not easy for everyone, and yet there are some people who are better suited for these positions. I’m married to a person who is best suited, who prefers actually, to be in the background and whose ego isn’t so fragile that he can’t appreciate how vital he is to the operation, even if those on the outside don’t appreciate it. 

This is how I see Tom Ackerley, and this is why, at least from my vantage point, and presumably Margot’s, he’s sexy AF.