Margot Robbie covers British Vogue and that gold jacket she’s wearing is amazing but the highlight here, for me, is her hair. It looks slightly darker than we’re used to seeing on her, which I love. But mostly, it’s the cut. These long bangs on her really, really work, and it’s making me want to do this SO bad. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Nick Cannon has seven children, four of them this year alone, like just weeks apart. Which means, and I know this is obvious, that he was making babies with two different women basically at the same time, and he’s now saying this was intentional. On one hand, I do appreciate this because you want children to grow up knowing and believing that they were wanted. On the other hand, he also says that there could have been more, implying that there are other women he’s been having sex with but he didn’t choose to make babies with them. Not really sure that’s a good look. (Dlisted) 

There’s a rumour that Chris Evans has a girlfriend who is not famous and she’s from Massachusetts. Which I would totally believe – because I could totally see Chris Evans doing the Matt Damon thing and getting married to someone outside the industry – except the source here is a magazine that is not known for getting much right. (Cele|bitchy) 

The NBA Finals are underway between Phoenix and Milwaukee so it’s time for the Mean Tweets NBA edition. It’s been a few years for Mean Tweets and, well, I was thinking maybe it was getting old but I really do like these basketball players reading trash tweets about themselves. And I am very happy to see that two Toronto Raptors have been included. (Pajiba) 


Speaking of the NBA, though this is bigger than the NBA, have you heard about the mess at ESPN? It started a few days ago with the New York Times and their report on what Rachel Nichols, who is white, said about follow network host Maria Taylor, who is Black, on a leaked call, suggesting to an influential source that Maria is a diversity hire, thereby undermining Maria’s talent and work ethic. Iliana Limón Romero further analyses the situation in the LA Times– about how diversity in media has been a surface performance, especially at NBA, and that so many media workplaces have not been doing the work to promote inclusion. Both pieces are a must-read. (LA Times)