Last year I wrote about the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorce settlement and broke down their joint statement because the wording was SO specific. And see? It was that specific for a reason, for Amber’s reasons. Amber Heard appears to be responding to JK Rowling. Many of you have written to ask for commentary about JK Rowling. It’ll be the lead topic on the new episode of Show Your Work which we’re recording tonight and posting on Monday. (Dlisted) 

Sometimes the conversation is about what piece of pop culture you missed and how you’ve been left out of that conversation. Sometimes the conversation is about the pop culture that actually makes you mad. People love it. And you’re like… WHY? I have a friend who gets mad about people being mad (or historically revising) Love Actually. How do you feel about Forrest Gump? (Pajiba) 
Margot Robbie was new to Tonya Harding. And some people might be like… WHAT? HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT? This is my reaction whenever a millennial tells me they’ve never heard of Milli Vanilli. Margot Robbie is not North American and she’s a millennial. It’s understandable that she’s not familiar with the Tonya Harding story. But it’s also understandable why you think she should be. Because she’s never come across as a millennial. (Mashable) 
Most of you are going to have problems with the jacket and the shorts and the print on Gwen Stefani and not much with the boots because, for some reason, people lose their sh-t over knee-high boots. SEXY! I am not a believer in knee-high boots and over-the-knee boots unless Rihanna is wearing them. But that’s more about Rihanna than the actual boots. Is this just because I’m short? (Go Fug Yourself) 
Prince Harry will likely get his way and he and Meghan Markle will spend Christmas at Sandringham. But will they also have a sleepover with Prince William and Kate at Anmer Hall? I feel like their regular living arrangements are already sort of kind of like a sleepover. They all live on the same property. This might be one of the downsides to being royal. You can’t just stay at a hotel during the holidays to get away from your family. Which makes them … just like us? That said, their childhood bedrooms are not at all like ours. (Cele|bitchy) 

What have the last two months been like for Dylan Farrow? She’s written a guest column for the LA Times and gives us some idea: bittersweet and maybe disappointing. Because while, of course, it’s encouraging that so many women have come forward to identify the Hollywood predators and they’ve been believed, so many people in that same industry have willfully ignored Dylan’s story with all kinds of rationalisations and excuses. What she’s doing here is also throwing down some receipts. Read her article. But also, maybe more importantly, read all the links she’s provided. (LA Times)