Recently, the title “Bombshell” has been most affiliated with Hedy Lamarr, who has been relaunched into public awareness largely thanks to a documentary called Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story. However, there is a new Bombshell on the block, and it’s the story of Roger Ailes’ downfall starring Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, and Charlize Theron. Kidman stars as Gretchen Carlson, Theron stars as Megyn Kelly, and Robbie stars as a fictional character called Kayla Pospisil. Not pictured in this trailer is John Lithgow as Roger Ailes. 

This is a GREAT trailer, and it is giving me high hopes for this movie. These three women are each incredible actors, and they are all doing something interesting in this trailer. I love the tremble of Margot Robbie’s hand as she goes to push the elevator button—tells us everything we need to know about what she’s walking into on the second floor. I love Theron’s tight lips as she watches the other two women she’s with. And I love Kidman’s repressive expression, you can SEE her swallowing her real feelings. THIS IS SUCH GOOD ACTING. Do we even need a whole movie?! Or can we just make this trailer Best Picture? 

I did have a moment, though, where I thought this movie was about the Weinstein exposé. The Ailes scandal came first, but, a couple years on, it feels like the Weinstein scandal totally blew Roger Ailes’ downfall out of the water. When the Fox News logo is displayed at the end of the trailer, I had a real moment actually remembering Roger Ailes’ ouster. We are up to our necks in sex pests—you have to remind us which movie is about which pest. This Bombshell trailer does a fantastic job reminding us that before Weinstein, another powerful media monster was taken down by the concentrated efforts of outspoken women. I cannot WAIT for this.