Mary, Queen of Scots was considered an early Oscar contender several months ago. Now that we’re balls deep in award season, I don’t feel like anyone is talking about it anymore? The reviews seem to be OK to good, not great, but no one seems to pushing hard for it. The Favourite is the period piece everyone’s saying will be nominated for several Oscars. Not that they’re the same story at all but they do involve English queens and the politics of women in power and, well, I dunno, maybe you can’t have too many movies about the politics of women in power in one year or maybe it’s simply just too competitive of a year. 

Most agree though that even though Mary, Queen of Scots isn’t carrying the momentum that was initially expected, Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie deliver outstanding performances as Mary and Elizabeth I. Pretty soon we’re going to be playing the “due game” with both of these actresses. Especially with Saoirse. Every time she’s in anything, she’s outstanding. Remember, both were nominated for Oscars last year. Both are making the rounds at the guilds and other events trying to get in front of voters for consideration before the holidays. Both have been in New York this week promoting the film before it opens on Friday. 

Margot has worn Chanel for most of her events. She was named Chanel ambassador around the Oscars last year when she was nominated for her performance as Tonya Harding. She wore Chanel on the Oscars carpet. It wasn’t memorable. You don’t remember. I don’t remember. I just had to look it up and now I’ve forgotten all over again. Not that I’m not happy that she’s getting her money. She should go get her money. At the end of the day, ultimately, it doesn’t matter if we can’t remember her outfits when the money is still in the bank. 

That said, this happens often, when stars sign with a major label and are committed to repping that label on major carpets, the excitement and fashion porn factor gets muted. I feel like this is what we’re seeing with Margot x Chanel. Here she is the other day in a cardigan over wide leg jeans: 


I’m looking for a pair of similar jeans. Melissa Grelo just got a pair from Joe Fresh that fit me PERFECTLY but unfortunately they belong to her and now I can’t find them and it’s not on their website and I’ve been to three Joe Freshes looking for them and no luck. The Joe Fresh pair, which retails for probably less than $50 (I wouldn’t know because I’ve been trying to buy them and can’t), is so much better than these Chanels. First of all, the denim is softer. Margot’s denim looks stiff. I don’t like the vertical lines that look like pleats coming down the front. Also they’re too long. 

Last night at the Mary premiere, she showed up in this beaded shrug of a gown…


…and she was in this black dress, probably her best of the week so far, at the Chanel Metiers D’Art show…


…but I’m still not sure it’s “her”, you know? Kristen Stewart and Chanel have been a great fit. Willow Smith and Chanel are a great fit. Are Margot Robbie and Chanel a good fit?