“Back” on the red carpet because the last time she was on the red carpet was in the summer, during those blissful weeks leading up to the release of Barbie, when Margot and Andrew Mukamal, her stylist, gave us alllllll the looks. You remember it, right? It was one of the best film promotional wardrobes in a decade – perfectly suited to the character, maybe the most famous doll of all time, and the actor who plays her. And it was especially exciting for fashion watchers and fans because, well, as we know, Margot had been criminally underserved sartorially until this year. 


Andrew, however, kept her mostly out of Chanel and the results were …viral. That’s how fashion can assist a press tour. That is fashion’s importance to a press tour, especially that press tour. 

Margot is on another press tour now, and it’s part of her Oscar campaign on multiple fronts. She has a shot at a Best Actress nomination for her performance as Barbie but if the film is nominated for Best Picture, she’ll also earn a nomination as one of the producers. And that’s just ONE film. There’s also Saltburn. 


This is Margot, the producer, at the Saltburn premiere last night. Written, directed, and co-produced by Emerald Fennell along with Margot and her husband Tom Ackerley, Saltburn stars Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, and Rosamund Pike. Sarah posted about the trailers here and here. There is some Oscar buzz for Saltburn too. Barry is in the mix for his second Oscar nomination and the film is in the conversation in the Best Picture, Director, and Screenplay categories. 

As we have discussed several times over the last few years, Margot is in her boss era. She is thriving on several creative fronts both in front of and behind the camera. And now she’s thriving on the carpet. Because this Schiaparelli on her is magnificent!


We are in it now: award season, I mean. Especially since the strike is over, they’re jamming in as many appearances and events as possible. Over the next four months, then, as we get closer and closer to the Oscars, Margot and Andrew Mukamal will be serving again. Based on what they delivered in the summer, and what we’re seeing here at Saltburn, the looks are going to be FIRE. 

But it’s not just Margot – Andrew, it would seem, is going to be super, super busy. Because he also styles Carey Mulligan, who apparently has a small role in Saltburn but who, like Margot, is contending alongside Margot for Best Actress in another film: Maestro. Carey showed up in an EXCELLENT Balmain last night. 


This off-the-shoulder tuxedo jacket is exquisite. And pairing it with the glittery skirt is just… chef’s kiss. 

The fashion drought is over!