People are doing forensics of what Prince Harry may have said to Meghan Markle on the balcony last week at Trooping the Colour. Meghan haters (the Daily Mail and half the people on Twitter) think that he was basically telling her to turn the f-ck around you goddamn bitch, I hate you, why did I marry you, you suck and break all the rules. Meghan supporters (the other half of Twitter and American magazines) aren’t buying that interpretation. You see what you want to see, I’m not here to get in the way of that. What I do want to point out is that Harry and Meghan’s exchange pretty much mirrors Prince Charles and Camilla’s exchange – you can see this when the clip goes to a wide angle and the shot includes several other members of the British royal family. Camilla is also turned away right before the start of the anthem. Whatever your read is of the situation, do you think it’s the same between both couples? (Dlisted)

Yesterday was Chris Evans’s birthday. He is the Best Chris for some of you. Did you celebrate? Seems like a lot of people celebrated Evans on his 38th by posting old photo shoots of him, including one I’ve never seen in which he poses with his shirt off and his pants undone and his back arched. Early career photo shoots are the BEST. (Pajiba) 
In celebration of the Raptors’ historic win, Drake announced that he’d be dropping two new tracks today. At the time of this writing, I haven’t heard them. And he’s not trending on Twitter so I’m pretty sure, at the time of this writing, that nothing’s been released yet. As for the “curse”, does this mean it’s broken? They won…so yeah. But he wasn’t there… so… does that mean anything? (TMZ)  
Agree with the FUG Girls – Margot Robbie’s Vogue cover bums me out too. It’s the July issue. It’s sooooo bland. I’m not saying we have to puke pastels and bright colours for summer, but this, this is just such a buzzkill. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Kelly Rohrbach was Leonardo DiCaprio’s bonafide in 2015. Early in 2016, they broke up shortly after she landed the role in Baywatch and, conveniently and coincidentally just before she turned 26. Like right before she turned 26. It’s like Leo has a morbid fear of the number. Anyway, Kelly is married now. To a Walmart heir. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m still obsessed with Elizabeth Holmes. I don’t think I’ll not be obsessed with all the f-cksh-t she pulled and the Theranos debacle. Elizabeth just got married. And there’ve been rumours that she’s plotting a comeback. I’m totally listening to this podcast this weekend. (Vanity Fair)