I don’t understand this outfit. 

The jacket is beautiful. The jacket over the white lace top and pants outfit is meant to be an entire look. None of it makes sense. A lace top and matching pants, for me personally, never makes sense. But that’s because I’m not super into lace, and certainly not in such large amounts. Perhaps the jacket was there to make the lace less risqué. Had she not worn the jacket, you’d be able to see an underwear situation with the pants. And maybe she wasn’t into looking so exposed. 

But was this the right layer for it? With the black accents on the lace top and down the side of the pants and the black shoes, this rusty brown isn’t a great colour complement. Which is also why I think this entire look was a fix-it. She was either supposed to wear something else and it didn’t work, or she was supposed to wear the white pantsuit and no jacket.