Britney Spears posted a photo on Instagram yesterday and a lot of people had a lot of feelings about it.


You never know who you’re going to meet at dinner parties!! 🎉 Great night! So much fun, thank you Cade! 🍃🍃

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Cade, by the way, is Cade Hudson, now an agent at CAA but someone who’s known Britney a long, long time, very well-known and well-liked in Hollywood. (Interestingly Cade is also close with Ryan Phillippe. I  wonder how Ryan’s celebrity connections will benefit him in his current situation.)

Mimi and Britney both have residencies in Vegas. This apparently happened in LA though. And it’s been a while since it happened last. Years. Can you imagine what they talked about? I WANT to imagine what they talked about. Their kids? Like would it have been that mundane? The thing about both Mimi and Britney is that they’re not exactly known to be conversationalists.

It’s been an extended period of calm and health for Britney. She’s locked in her circle. There have been very few gossip leaks. They’ve finally been able to secure her inner world, protecting her from her fame and also from her own compulsions, exacerbated by fame. Britney is steady and she seems happy. And very fit. Like gymnastics fit.

I wish I could do more gymnastics moves. Gymnastics training has been trending for a few years now. The closest I’ve come has been getting into handstands over the last 6 months at the gym. Against the wall. But not by flipping up onto the wall. Instead, I do it backwards, hands on the ground, feet on the ground to start, placed against the wall, and then climbing the wall with my feet until my legs are straight, balancing against the wall with my toes. This way you can’t use momentum to propel your legs into the air and you have to depend on your arms and your core to do the work.

Anyway, the point is Britney is all about the gymnastics workouts and she’s so good at it she can walk in a handstand and do a round-off backhand spring, I’m so jealous. Needless to say, she’s feeling herself.


Who says you can’t do fashion week at home! 😜 👠👗

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As for our Mimi… well… the Lambily isn’t supposed to say this out loud but, this has not been Mimi’s best stretch. Earlier this week she performed at VH1 Honours: The 90s, the main event of the event, and… well… Mimi hasn’t brought her game up to main event in a long, long time. She opened for Lionel Richie.

And now there are reports that she plans to go on tour again next year for the 20th anniversary of Butterfly, collaborating with VH1 on a docu-series about the experience. She could barely put together an hour on stage when she toured with Lionel this summer. Barely. That said, the tour with Lionel was North America. This supposed new tour is worldwide. And international audiences tend to be more… generous.