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Last week it was revealed that Mimi may have sexually harassed her former bodyguard by swanning around in her lingerie in his presence while ordering him to move her luggage around. I’m not making light of this. The man was made to feel uncomfortable and she was in a position of power over a subordinate. The reason I’m describing it this way is because … well… can’t you totally picture it? Isn’t that picture totally believable? A week later, Mimi is cancelling some Christmas shows. Which is alarming because Mimi basically owns Christmas. And if Mimi can’t show up for a few Christmas shows – and you know how much Mimi makes at Christmas – we really may be in for a crisis situation. Her friend Brett Ratner has been disgraced. Some sh-t is going down between her and her former manager Stella Bulochnikov. And now Mimi’s Christmas is being jeopardised. Something is happening to the elusive butterfly chanteuse. (Dlisted) 

I wanted to be really excited about this new Fantastic Beasts cast photo. There’s a lot to be excited about. Zoe Kravitz! Look at Claudia Kim (next to Ezra Miller)! And Jude Law as Young(er) Dumbledore. I’m baffled by this expression on Jude’s face. What’s he telling us? Unfortunately, instead of discussing all of this, many were focused on Johnny Depp – because if we’re talking about a culture of rot in Hollywood and how women are made vulnerable, well, how come Johnny Depp got a pass? Is it because his pants are so tight? These are probably the tightest pants I’ve ever seen him in. (Pajiba) 
Here’s a list of alternatives to Blake Shelton. Kathleen will be pissed that Michael B Jordan, or Michael “Bae” Jordan, as she calls him, was only an “honourable” mention. I don’t understand why Luke Bryan is on this list. But then again, I don’t understand much about Luke Bryan. Also… Tom Hardy would NEVER accept the Sexiest Man Alive title, can you imagine? He would probably rip apart the magazine if they put him on the cover. (Mashable) 
I hate this dress on Diane Kruger. What is the point of that gap at the midsection? It’s not wide enough to be provocative. So why bother? Also it makes the top of the skirt look unfinished, unpolished. Did Jessica Biel get married in this dress? It’s the same designer as her wedding dress. Same colour too. But then again you wouldn’t remember because her wedding was dominated by her husband. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Robert Pattinson is on the award circuit too, campaigning for a possible shot at Best Actor for his performance in Good Time. He’d be a dark horse contender but he’s definitely working the possibility. Robert says that he needed therapy to manage the stress that comes from being hunted by TwiHards and given an alternative life story in which he’s married to Kristen Stewart and is the father of two children. Understandable. (Cele|bitchy) 

Gossip Nostalgia! Famous people before they became really, really famous people from back in the 90s. I always, always forget that Charlize Theron is younger than Leonardo DiCaprio. Because she’s a proper grownup. (The Hollywood Reporter)


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