Before we begin, the answer to a question you may have been asking yourselves – because it’s a certain time of year, that time of year when a certain celebrity takes over a certain holiday. That celebrity has been pretty low-key the last few months. But… when it’s time for the Fourth of July, isn’t it always time for Taylor Swift? Check it out: the waterslide is up in Rhode Island.

Have I ever mentioned that I can eat? I mean I can pack it away. So this meal here? I think I could do it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I could do it, and yes, in one sitting. Because when you smash those burgers down, I don’t think they’re unmanageable. The reason I’m not this guy though is that I’m not a fast eater. I like to savour my bites. Which is why I would budget about 8 minutes for each one for a total time of just over half an hour. (Dlisted) 

Have you ever played golf? It’s not uncommon, during a round of golf, for a man to shuffle off to the side, near some bushes, maybe even into the trees if it’s a foresty course, and take a leak. I’m so jealous when this happens because I have to pee all the time and so I spend most of the round waiting to get back to the clubhouse after the 9th and 18th holes since I refuse to go in the temporary facilities. Anyway, I now know how Shia LaBeouf would be on a golf course. (OMG Blog) 

Right now, since he’s invited on talk shows, ARod is OK with being misidentified. Fast forward a year or two though. When the freshness of the story of their relationship has worn off, if they make it that far, and there’s no reason for him to be interviewed, you think he’s going to be OK being just another member of JLO’s entourage? (Just Jared) 

Super into this dress. The shoes though… like… it’s never been my thing, the sandals that strap all the way up the calf above the knee. Gladiator styles, in general, I mostly avoid. But it’s not just the design here. It’s the material. It’s so plastic. And also the colour? The colour? “Unspeakable” is in excellent word. They are indeed UNSPEAKABLE. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Not going to lie – any time there’s a story about JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette, I will read it. Sometimes, on a random Wednesday, when I’m supposed to be asleep, I’ll be googling old photos of them instead. Did you ever see those terrible shots of them fighting in the park? He was distraught. I think he was actually crying. When it was revealed this week that she waited three weeks to say yes to his proposal, I thought about those photos, about how she must have felt when they came out. Wouldn’t you have reservations too? (Cele|bitchy) 

A history of lipsyncing: who does it, why, and why do they lie about it? At this point, and I’ll say it again, is there anyone who actually goes to a Britney show expecting live vocals? I don’t understand this. If we were talking about Adele, it’d be another story. But when I go to see Britney, I almost WANT her to not sing. Just show me some dance moves and a stank face and run the song the way I hear it on the radio. (Jezebel) 

Mimi has found the body of water that was made for her. Where she can literally lie back and not have to do a f-cking thing and the ocean does the work on her behalf. This is the aquatic equivalent of the dancers and the bodyguards who live their lives just carrying her around from one end of the room to the other. And there’s another reasons she loves it there: that light! (Vanity Fair)