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On Friday, just before Thanksgiving here in Canada, I posted about Mariah Carey in this space. Mimi was one of the women honoured at Variety’s Power of Women luncheon that day. Which gave her an opportunity to throwback herself: 

If you know, you know. And if you don’t know, do your Mimi homework!

At the event, Mimi was able to walk on stage to the podium all by herself. This is the effort she’ll put into her appearances when you honour her and I appreciate that she’s now commodified the simple act of self-motion. Then she complained about the teleprompters before showing the audience that she came prepared with cue cards in case the prompters went down. And after that she opened by quoting her own song lyrics (“Close My Eyes”) – she inspires herself! As she should!

There are, however, some haters who don’t think Mimi spoke her own words. These people are ignorant. You know how you can tell that Mimi wrote this speech? Because of all the adjectives, adverbs, and metaphors. Gawker put up a good glossary of Mimi’s vocabularly a few years ago. Mimi is extra in all the ways, including her way with words. She does the most with words which is how, if you watch the video of her entire speech, any student of Mimi would have been able to confirm that these were, indeed, hers. Who else could have come up with “misogynistic society of corporate asses”?! 

I’m going to show you something else though before posting the video. It’s a clip of Mimi on the carpet. The clip requires no explanation, no set-up. Just know that you’ll be seeing it a lot, another entry into the Mimi Meme Queen library: 


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Yes, that’s Diane Warren. 

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